I Love Mommy Blogs

It all started when I started reading Salon.com and read this article about a young feminist who can’t get enough of Mormon mommy blogs, who pointed out her favorite bloggers “have bangs like Zooey Deschanel and closets full of cool vintage dresses. Their houses look like Anthropologie catalogs. Their kids look like Baby Gap models. Their husbands look like young graphic designers, all cute lumberjack shirts and square-framed glasses.”

Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. All the blogs l read.

And then she pointed out that there are tells about these bloggers, young, trendy women, being Mormon. Bizarre, right? Turns out, not so much. They’re all over the place in the blogging world. I suspect there’s a big reason why this year’s Alt Summit (it’s a big blogging conference) was hosted in Salt Lake City this year. Just saying.

What I’m also just saying is that ALL of my favorite style bloggers are stylish, well-educated, funny, young mothers whose blogs I read every day. And they’re Mormon.

Topping off my list of favorite blogs is Merricks Art. Merrick is the most beautiful, stylish mother of two who puts together incredible outfits and does great DIY tutorials. Me and my roommate have actually have had more than one conversation about Merrick coming to live with us and how perfect that would be. (Except that our student apartment would NOT live up to her standards, among other things, obviously.)

Then there’s Merrick’s little sister, Janssen, who writes a lovely blog called Everyday Reading. This woman loves books SO much (as much as me, maybe) and somehow manages to read a hundred or so a year plus find time to write about them. And she has two adorable children. If I didn’t love her so much, I’d envy her more.

Audrey from Putting Me Together has done great things for my wardrobe. I found her one day when I was looking for ways to put together a colorful, young, and put-together/professional outfit. She has tips on how to shop (the root of everyone’s problem), how to pack for travel, and how to put together outfits for everything. She also has a really nice angular bob.

A more recent discovery has been Gabrielle and Design Mom. She has six children with very old-fashioned names for whom she makes delicious looking food, dresses well, and somehow she manages to live in a lot of interesting, beautiful places and homes. She does a weekend post that’s an inspiration for this blog called “A Few Things” where she puts together a lot of good posts from different places on the web. AND she aims to post 3 times per day. Maybe her days are just 10 hours longer than mine. She also has a staff.

That’s my round-up. My favorites of the web’s (Mormon) mommy bloggers. I’m always looking for more blogs to read (Mormon mommies or otherwise), so suggest some in the comments below!

Photo credit Maria Morri via Flickr


One thought on “I Love Mommy Blogs

  1. If someone could pay me to read 100 books a year…. man, that’d be the dream. My body would be permanently criss-crossed with hammock lines.

    I still think it’s odd that they’re all Mormon. Do they just have more time? Also, that description of Mormon men is vaguely hipster and I am intrigued. Maybe it’s time to transfer to BYU.

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