I Love the Olympics


So, if you know me, you know I love the Olympics. If you KNOW me, you know I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! Diplomacy through sports! Valuing women in international sporting arena! Bringing light to social and economic issues in other countries HOORAH!

Jeremy Abbott via frontpagebuzz

Jeremy Abbott via frontpagebuzz

So let’s talk about the great things that have come out of the Olympics so far:

You know what the Olympics don’t have enough of? Spandex, denim, awkwardness. If the Olympics aren’t enough like a John Hughes movie for you, I beg you to look at the the Team USA Yearbook. It’s like they were all invited to be extras in a Katy Perry music video or an 80s prom. It’s wonderful. (Pay special attention to resident ham, world champion figure skater Jeremy Abbott. He’s great  and he fell really hard during his short program, lay curled up on the ice for a while, then got up and did ALL his elements. He’s a star.)

A lot of my friends use this app called Tinder to find dates nearby (or just hot people to chat with) but I don’t because my smartphone is actually stupid and I can’t do that. This Olympian Jamie Anderson said today that the Tinder in the Olympic Village is off the hook, which I am very envious of and really interests me. Social networks bringing world-class athletes together (like, together-together) so that’s pretty cool.

Johnny Weir was pretty tight-lipped about Olympic hookups, but he’s the coolest so read this interview too. Also, if you’ve never seen his fabulous show from a few years back, it’s called “Be Good Johnny Weir” and it’s perfect.

This Olympics, it’s all about the Twitter, and if you’re me, it’s ALWAYS all about the puns, hence this great post about the best puns (the best puns are actually the worst ones) about the Olympics. I mean, Bob Costas’ eye DID go viral (nudge nudge)

If you live in a hole or a world devoid of 20-something women (of which I definitively do NOT), then you may not have heard of the genius hit HBO show Girls. Shoshanna Shapiro is the crazy young smart one (who’s played by David Mamet’s daughter) and she has a really questioning awkward face that is perfect for those moments in the Olympics when, you just need a little Shosh.

What makes me sad is not being able to capture ALL the wonders of this Olympics. Though I’ve always loved the games, but I feel like I’m just beginning to appreciate them (not true I just love it more every time!) The Olympics are such a great way for the world to connect on every level and talk about stuff. I also understand it’s flawed system. But it’s so entertaining, and I truly believe a thing that’s good for the world. So I encourage you to try to enjoy them.
And tell me what I should be looking at.

DAA NAA NA NA NA NA NA DUM DA DA DUM DUM DA DA DUM DA DA DA DA DUM!!! (The Olympic anthem, you didn’t get that?)

Photo of Jeremy Abbott and his wonderful blouse from frontpagebuzz.com


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