Again With The Wanderlust

Greetings, loved ones.*

Today’s post is brought to you by my wanderlust. There are some amazing things happening in the world and in the world of travel, that I want to talk about.

First of all, this is the coolest game you’ll see on the internet that’s not 2048. Geoguessr is fun, addictive, and educational. I saw it one day at work, someone we follow on Twitter tweeted about it, and then I could not stop myself from playing. My roommate Gabby and I just played 2 full games (10 rounds). Basically, the game drops you somewhere on Earth. All you know is it’s somewhere with street view. You get a chance to look around for clues, usually coming from signs or what kind of cars people drive, how run-down things are, that kind of thing. An example is on the first game I played, they dropped me facing the coast, and I noticed no one was at the beach. When I turned around, I saw a diamond store. So I guessed South Africa, and I was right. Not too complicated, and I’m pretty awesome at it. It will have to do until teleporting is possible.


Screenshot from Geoguessr– look how good I am.

In the meantime, we’re going to stick with cars. This car commercial is one that hopefully will be influential in changing the way Americans think about buying electric cars. Because after all, , caring about the environment has been a thing of the rest of the world. This car makes fun of Europe, namely French people, for being too lazy, not ambitious enough to create really innovative cars. It manages to be an ad for capitalism, the American Dream, and an electric car at the same time. I found the article about it on The Atlantic Cities page, which pointed out that maybe that’s how you get Americans to do something for the Earth– pretend it’s not. I’m not going to say it’s not clever or true. Also, making fun of the French always works.


Photo via Faric on Flickr

Speaking of France, they’ve got good ideas too. Ones I hope will work. Back in March, while we were suffering under the snow here in DC, Paris was suffering (will explain in a sec) from unseasonably warm temperatures. The change caused really bad air pollution, which makes the city, perhaps the 1st or 2nd most desirable city in the world for tourists, fairly undesirable. Paris took it really seriously and did something that would absolutely not work in the U.S., they banned cars. Yup. They banned cars and motorcycles with even-numbered registration, and ticketed violators about $30 at checkpoints around the city. The next day, they banned odd-numbered cars. Not only did that happen, before the ban, they preemptively made all public transportation and bike sharing FREE in order to encourage it, and it stayed free through the time of the ban. Parisians are hardcore about air pollution.

But really, who needs free public transport when you could have free PRIVATE transport? Amtrak might start giving “residencies” to writers who see super-long train rides as a perfect time to be productive. No, they won’t send you to your favorite beach, just to Chicago and back with a couple hours between to sit around the station. I wish this could be something like subsidized train rides for writers, because the destination is often more important than the journey when you’re riding on a train. What say you? Does this sound fun?


Photo via Yvette Wohn on Flickr

That’s it for now, folks. Thanks for putting up with my ramblings, I hope you find them as interesting as I do. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and comment! It means a lot to me. Thanks.

Featured image is a screenshot from Geoguessr

*This is a song reference. Some of you may not be my loved ones. Hi Rachael!**

**kidding. You da best.


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