New Year, New Blog, New Food

pickles, quiche, irish soda bread

Hi all. Welcome back. Or just welcome.

You may have noticed some changes around these parts. That’s because I’m going to be starting some new things up in here. Food is the name of the game. I realized that all the good blogging I’ve done (mostly on my other blog, Wanderlust) has the theme of food in common. And that’s what I like doing and writing about. And also traveling, but unfortunately (also fortunately) food is cheaper than travel, so I can consume much more of it, and at a steadier rate. So my travel blog must be put on hold as I unveil my food blog.

You may have also noticed that this post has a reference to it being a new year. And you may be looking at your watch and thinking, “Someone should tell her it’s September.” I got that. But also today I went to the farmer’s market at my school and bought the world’s best challah and they told me it was in a circle instead of braided today because of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, which happens to be today (the circle represents the circle of life). And who am I to snub coincidence? So happy year 5775 to everyone, and let me use that as the new beginning that I need.

My goal is to — this year– have more recipes, more tutorials, more reviews… Just more. A post once a week about what has been happening in my life, and what I’ve been eating about it. I’m hoping it will challenge me to write, to cook, to travel, and most importantly, to eat.

So far this semester I’ve made pickles, Irish soda bread, broccoli cheddar quiche, banana bread muffins, some delicious eggplant stir fry, lots of spicy peanut sauce, a peppers and onions omelet, eggless cookie dough, and some seriously good french toast. You guys, I’ve even tried poaching an egg (hint: it didn’t go super great).

There’s going to be some big things happening. I hope you stick around.


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